If an IRA is titled in the name of the Trust Company



I work for a Self Directed IRA Custodian.

All property that is owned for an IRA is titled in the name of the Trust Company. For instance “Madison Trust Company FBO Joshua Ashenberg IRA”.

We would like to compile a whole lot of data from people who use our competitors – the largest being Equity Trust and Pensco Trust.

Is there a way to globally search ALL land records in the U.S without going to each individual county clerk – we would need the FULL TITLE – that is “Equity Trust Company FBO John Smith” and not just “Equity Trust Company”.

Do you have a service that could address that?




Yes, you can order a nationwide search by name (all states plus Guam and the Virgin Islands) via the following link.  https://www.ustitlerecords.com/title-search-by-name/.  Please make sure to click the drop-down box that says “Statewide Title Search $30.00 USD” and select “Nationwide title search $490.00 USD.” (The fee for each state is $30.00 per name, but the fee for a nationwide search is only $490 per name.)

Please let us know if you have additional questions or need further information.

Thank you,
Jeannie B.

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